About ALC

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Americans for Libraries Council is a national nonprofit organization that champions the role of libraries in American life and promotes new approaches to sustaining and developing libraries in the 21st century. The Council is organized into four divisions, focusing on advocacy, programs, innovation, and resource-development.

Programs: Libraries for the Future

Libraries for the Future, the Council’s program division, develops national programs to strengthen individual libraries and library systems, provides training in community librarianship, and facilitates planning for 21st century libraries. Libraries for the Future was founded in 1992, and currently operates programs in more than 220 libraries in 27 states.

Signature programs:

Equal Access Libraries Providing training, technical assistance and model programs to strengthen libraries as gateways to information and learning.

Family Place Libraries Transforming libraries into centers for emergent literacy and healthy child development.

Fit for Life Promoting health and wellness among teens and their families, with a specific focus on library programs for urban populations with limited access to reliable health information.

Lifelong Access Libraries Developing libraries as centers for lifelong learning and civic participation for active and engaged older adults.


Design Charrette. What will the library of the future look like? ALC is currently partnering with the Louisville (KY) Free Public Library and the MIT Design Lab on “The Louisville Project” to translate current community, information and cultural needs into clear design principles for today’s libraries.

Read about the people, libraries, and inspirations behind the recent revolution in library services in Innovation in Action, 12 stories about the first 12 years of Libraries for the Future.


In addition to working to increase the level of public and private investment in libraries, ALC is proud to serve as a conduit of funds from foundations and private donors to libraries across the nation.

ALC is currently partnering with the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund to oversee $5 million in aid to libraries throughout Mississippi and Louisiana damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The work concentrates on the physical repair or rebuilding of public libraries as well as some support for the restoration of collections.


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