About the Blogger

Alejandra RamosAlejandra J. Ramos is the Communications Associate at Libraries for the Future, the program division of Americans for Libraries Council, where she specializes in Web 2.0 and New Media marketing techniques, as well as web content management, editing, and graphic design. Her work and expertise focus on web communication strategies and applications, including blogs, social networks, and viral marketing.

Prior to ALC, Alejandra was the Web Editor at Common Good, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to healthcare and education reform. She gained additional publicity and media relations experience through positions at Regnery Publishing, Bloomberg LP, and The National Education Association. Alejandra has been blogging since 2002, and her writing has garnered attention from various print and online media, including The Washington Post. She has written for several online and New Media publications, including LatinVIP.com, FoodFit.com, and SheThinks.org.

Alejandra was educated at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and Apicius, The Culinary Institute of Florence, in Florence, Italy. She has been known to occasionally drag herself away from her laptop in order to put those culinary skills to use.


2 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Dinesh K. Gupta

    Hello, interesting blog, why don’t you continue posting on the same.

    I too have a blog called Marketing mantra for librarians at:

  2. carol

    wonderful site it great fun learning

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